Hello everyone!

If you are looking for a professional to deal with different translations from and into English-Russian-Ukrainian then you are on the right way!


What can I offer:


Technical Translation: my subject area is extremely wide. The customers are provided with the translations specified in the most fields of activities of modern society. Among them are building, power engineering, technique, equipment and the translations in dynamically developing sphere of informational technologies etc. While cooperating with customers the glossary is formed which is agreed and applied in further translation projects.  


Web Site Localization: website localization involves translation of the website copy or static content. If you have the great desire to broaden your business activities in dynamically developing countries of Commonwealth of Independent States in Eastern and Central part of Europe you should use our services in localization of internet sites.  


Post localization support: once your website is fully operational in its target language  full follow-up service is offered in these target languages to ensure that communication with your new audience and prospective clients remains up to date and seamless. Post localization support includes periodical writing of unique articles which increases your web site ranking in  different  search engines (Google, Yahoo, AOL etc).  

Subtitling:  videofilms subtitling and its translation into Russian or Ukrainian. If you want us to create subtitles, sent your video and it will be subtitled as soon as possible.

What do I provide with:

User Friendly Service
Everything possible has been done to save client’s time by simplifying procedures taking on and handing out the orders. Customer is provided with opportunity to evaluate the cost of a translation. All you have to do is to attach a file in Contact Us form. You are sure to use any payment method you appreciate.
High Quality Performance
The quality of translation is the reflection of all the best translators’ merits and professional skills. By now the customers are provided with translation from and to English-Russian-Ukraininan. This let guarantee an extremely high quality of all translation projects.
Acceptable prices
The pricing policy is aimed to keep the prices as low as possible to support the highest quality of translation. The clients can feel all the advantages of developed discount system where the prices decrease depending of the volume translations and the orders realization terms.



Feel free to contact me to discuss all your translation needs.